Burn and Explosion Accidents

If You’ve Been Burned, We Can Help

Though working with flammable gas or chemicals is risky business, employees should be able to trust that their environment has been safely maintained. However, when employers scrimp on safety, their negligence can spark serious injuries or even death. These employers should be held accountable for their carelessness and we will work to make that happen that on your behalf.

Gill & Chamas Awards for Burn / Explosion Accidents in NJ:

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Chemical Safety Board Reviews Perth Amboy Explosion

Dangers of Flammable Gas Accumulation: Acetylene Explosion at ASCO, Perth Amboy, NJ. James Pagliuca of Gill & Chamas led the plaintiff’s team in the suit that settled for $11.7 Million.

A Thorough Investigation

Employers who house one or more flammable gases such as acetylene, propane, kerosene and gasoline are bound by strict safety standards and regulations. If you suffer an injury, we’ll immediately investigate the premises to determine how the accident occurred and if protocol was followed.

We’ll also deploy industry experts to collect the facts and discern the nuances surrounding your accident. From there, we build a solid burn-injury claim, which includes important information on how your life has changed since the accident.

Aggressive Representation in Court

When it comes to our clients, we are extremely compassionate and loyal. Because we want the best for you, we will take your claim to court, if necessary, in order to secure the compensation you deserve. Our burn injury attorneys are known for their courtroom skills and will present compelling arguments substantiated by technological presentations and anatomical models.

If you or a family member has suffered a serious personal injury, make sure you get the representation you deserve. Call our office today at 732.324.7600, or click here to contact a burn injury attorney immediately.


Car Fires and Explosions

A car accident is jarring enough, but when car fires and explosions are involved, they can lead to serious, painful injuries, partial or permanent disability, or even death. Recently, Tesla fires have garnered headlines, but they are just one example. The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) cites more than 172,000 car fires annually – one every three minutes. The causes are many, but they are often triggered by worn or faulty parts.

Manufacturer liability can be an important component of a well-argued burn-injury case. However, large manufacturers often have well-funded legal teams. To fight back, you need representation that pairs dedication with a true understanding of the law. Retain a legal team with proven experience and a track record to match: contact the NJ Burn Accident Lawyers at Gill & Chamas.

What to Do in a Car Fire

To avoid burn injuries as a result of a car fire, it is important to leave the vehicle quickly, if possible. Safety should be your top priority.

Protect Your Rights after a Car Fire in New Jersey

While car fires are down significantly since the 1980s, they continue to be a serious issue. The car fire burns that result can lead to severe suffering and lost income, and you deserve a legal team that cares. The burn accident lawyers at Gill & Chamas have been defending car fire victims since 1995. Before calling your insurance company, contact us, and learn about our long track record of success.

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Chemical Explosion

The effects of chemical explosions can be so severe that there is an independent federal agency, The U.S. Chemical Safety Board, tasked with investigating the causes of industrial chemical accidents. However, chemical explosions can occur anywhere: from high school science labs to homes, where misuse of common household items or pest-control materials can backfire. From environmental effects to human costs – including chemical burn and neurological effects, disability, or even loss of life – it can be difficult to grapple with life after a chemical injury.

In industrial settings, a chemical explosion can kill or injure scores of people at once, resulting in great need for resources to cope. Regardless of the accident’s setting, the NJ Burn Accident Lawyers at Gill & Chamas have the experience and dedication to fight for the legal compensation you deserve.

What to Do in a Chemical Explosion in New Jersey

The range of size in chemical fires is vast, from minor incidents to plant explosions – and they are more common than some may think. If you are involved in a chemical explosion:

Recover from a Chemical Explosion with Trusted Counsel

The suffering associated with chemical burns can be debilitating. Before reaching out to your insurance agency, contact a NJ Burn Accident Attorney with a track record of successful litigation and settlement. Since 1995, Gill & Chamas has stood by burn victims and their families, and we have the resources, legal savvy, and experience to fight for legal damages.

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Electrical Fires

The makings of an electrical fire can linger unseen behind the walls or in electronics, taking victims by surprise when they occur. From equipment overload to improper maintenance or heat shielding, every case is unique, though human error is frequently a factor. This is why building codes and manufacturing standards exist – and failure to properly maintain and inspect can lead to legal obligations when injury and loss occur.

The suffering that arises as a result of electrical fires can be unimaginable, especially when larger structural fires result in fatalities. This is why the NJ Burn Injury Attorneys at Gill & Chamas take every case so seriously. We know how hard it can be to recover, and work tirelessly to prepare an airtight case in your favor – whether you are facing injury, disability, or the loss of a loved one.

What to Do in an Electrical Fire

Similar to other structural fires, it is important to be cautious and call 911 as soon as possible if an electrical fire has broken out.

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Choose Experienced Legal Counsel for Electrical Fire Burns in NJ

If you or a loved one has been injured in an electrical fire, the New Jersey Burn Accident Team at Gill & Chamas urges you to get in touch before contacting your insurance company. Many electrical fires could have been prevented, and you are not alone as you pick up the pieces. Gill & Chamas has a 30-year track record, a passionate team, and experience presenting the facts successfully in court.

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Electrocution Injury

Electrocution injuries can occur anywhere, and are sometimes fatal. Common incidents involve contact with an electrical current in a machine, wiring, power lines, or other object. For adults, electrocution most often occurs at work. In fact, workplace injuries result in several hundred fatal electrocution accidents annually, with thousands more losing work time with burns and other symptoms. The home, however, is most dangerous for children, with up to 7 per day treated for electrical burns from wall outlets, according to the Electrical Safety Foundation International.

Those working in construction, maintenance, or transportation run the highest risk of electrocution, but it can happen to anyone, and injuries can be severe. If you or a family member has sustained an electrical burn, the NJ Burn Injury Lawyers at Gill & Chamas can present your case clearly in court.

What to Do When Electrocuted

A series of industry best practices and home safety guide strive to prevent electrical burns and injuries, but they still occur. If you are burned or injured after contact with an electrical source:

Opt for Experience in Your NJ Burn Injury Case

ESFI reports that more than 30,000 workers were harmed in electrical accidents from 2001-2010. Before contacting your insurance company, reach out to the NJ Burn Accident Attorneys at Gill & Chamas. Our track record of settlements powers approach to results-driven litigation, and we have the resources and passion to argue your electrocution case and help you secure damages for recovery in the face of injury, disability, or loss of life.

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Workplace Fires

It is the responsibility of an employer to maintain safe working conditions, but workplace fires happen – to the tune of more than 200 a day, according to OSHA. While fatalities from fire or explosion only account for about 3% of such cases, pain and suffering in non-fatal cases can be severe, and permanent or partial disability can occur. From fires due to employee error to electrical, structural or chemical workplace fires, any number of scenarios can turn a normal day on the job into a tragedy.

If you have been injured in the workplace, your employer will maintain the best legal counsel they can afford. It is critical to retain a NJ Burn Injury Legal Team and do the same. Gill & Chamas has been fighting for the best client outcomes for more than 30 years, and we are ready to defend your rights.

What to Do in a Workplace Fire in New Jersey

Employee training can mitigate the impact of a workplace fire. Ensure your workplace has proper protocols, and if a fire breaks out:

Fight Fire with Experienced NJ Burn Injury Attorneys

Nearly 150 people lose their lives in workplace fires each year. 5,000 more are burned or injured, sometimes severely. From unthinkable pain to invasive surgeries, life can be upended – and damages are often awarded to help employees and their families cope. The NJ Burn Accident Lawyers at Gill & Chamas have successfully argued these cases for more than three decades, and invite you to discuss your case before contacting your insurance company. We put the facts to your advantage, using the letter of the law to argue for the legal compensation deserved.

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Furnace Explosion

Furnace explosions usually make the nightly news, pairing high pressure and high heat to produce potentially devastating outcomes to life and property. Difficult to prepare for, prevention centers on proper furnace maintenance, but human error, faulty equipment, and improper heat and pressure regulation can combine to cause a worst case scenario. The injuries suffered in these kinds of explosion can be gruesome, with loss of life or permanent disability among them.

Fire and smoke injuries top the list after a furnace explosion, and the effects can be devastating. Whether you suffered an explosion burn at home or at work, we urge you to contact the experienced NJ Burn Injury Lawyers at Gill & Chamas to fight for the legal compensation you deserve. Third parties, including building owners and utility companies, may be required to compensate you for your losses.

What to Do in a Furnace Explosion in New Jersey

Furnace explosions are best prevented through proper maintenance. If you or a loved one is facing an explosion:

Choose Experienced NJ Burn Accident Legal Counsel

Before contacting your insurance company, let a team of experienced NJ Burn Accident Lawyers review the full details of your furnace explosion case. We know that this is a difficult experience, and will take time to ensure that you fully understand your rights. Merging compassion, a love for the law, and more than 30 years driving successful settlements, Gill & Chamas is your trusted team in court.

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Kitchen Fire Injury

In a fast-moving commercial kitchen, the opportunities for a fire to ignite are many – from grease fires to large-scale equipment malfunction. The National Fire Protection Agency cites more than 11,000 fires in kitchen and dining establishments annually, and what begins as a small problem can quickly spread. Beyond the workplace, more than 150,000 occur in homes. Cooking equipment, deep fryers, and ranges may all be culprits, and effects can range in severity, including injury, disability, or even death.

While human error is a factor in home and commercial kitchen fires alike, improper systems maintenance, faulty equipment, and other issues may make third parties liable. If you or a loved one has suffered a kitchen burn, the NJ Burn Injury Lawyers at Gill & Chamas are prepared to review your facts and fight for the compensation to which you may be entitled.

What to Do in a Kitchen Fire

Kitchen fire injuries are often sustained when individuals attempt to fight them on their own. If you are involved in a kitchen fire:

Demand an Experienced NJ Burn Injury Legal Team

While minor burns may be considered a rite of passage for commercial cooks, the effects can be much more serious, ranging from scarring to disability or loss of life. Gill & Chamas takes special pride in its record of successful client outcomes spanning more than three decades. If you or a loved one has been injured in a kitchen fire, speak with one of our NJ Burn Accident Lawyers before contacting your insurance company. We merge passion and dedication, using the law to help clients recover.

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Steam Injury

Steam injuries can affect not just the exterior of the body, causing burns, but can also have pulmonary effects associated with inhalation. Also known as thermal burning or scalding, these painful burns deliver a powerful blast of heat (steam is water heated beyond boiling, and a simple home pressure cooker can produce steam reaching well above 250 degrees Fahrenheit). Blisters, peeling, or severe skin burning are common, and in the worst cases, the pressure associated with a steam explosion can produce shrapnel that results in serious injury, disability, or even death.

Steam injuries can occur anywhere, from the home to commercial kitchens and manufacturing or transportation facilities. While the resulting burns may not char, they can produce effects every bit as devastating as burns from fire. If you or a family member has sustained a steam injury, the NJ Burn Accident Lawyers at Gill & Chamas can help you fight for legal compensation for your suffering.

What to Do in a Steam Accident

The challenge with steam injuries is that the source of danger is often invisible until it is encountered. If you or a loved one has been injured by steam:

Fight Back with Your NJ Steam Injury Legal Team

Especially if a steam burn is associated with equipment malfunction or unsafe working conditions, you may be entitled to damages. Our NJ Burn Injury Lawyers understand the complexity of these cases, and use precise understanding of the law to help our clients argue their rights in court. The best proof of our dedication: a track record of successful settlements more than three decades long, ranging into the millions. Contact us to learn more before calling your insurance company and understand your rights.

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Structural Fires and Accidents

Structural fires are most commonly residential, with more than 37,000 annual cases according to the U.S. Fire Administration’s last five years of reporting. These fires account for more than $7.1 billion in damages. Another 86,000 structural fires occur in non-residential structures, resulting in another $2.6 billion in damage. More than 14,500 are injured in these accidents annually, and another 2,600 lose their lives, causing suffering, lost income, and other long-term effects.

In the face of the challenges that result – from unimaginable pain to disability and lives upended – the services of a dedicated NJ Burn Injury Attorney are essential. Gill & Chamas can help. We understand the facts, can articulate liability, and serve as a compassionate team during a difficult time.

What to Do in a Structural Fire

There is a reason we are taught fire prevention and safety protocols from a young age. Fire spreads quickly, and can have devastating effects to person and property. If you are in a fire situation:

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Protecting Your Rights after a Structural Fire in NJ

Sometimes building owners fail to maintain adequate fire safety measures. Something simple, like a sprinkler failure, can also increase the chances of fatalities. If you are struggling in the face of burn injury or death from a structural fire, contact us before calling your insurance company. Since 1995, Gill & Chamas has been helping burn victims argue their cases successfully, seeking and receiving damages to help them begin again.

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Tank Explosion Fires

In a tank explosion, the contents burst and fire spreads rapidly, harming all in its path. Home propane tank and furnace explosions are a daily occurrence, according to the National Fire Incident Reporting System, and an entire home can explode in seconds. Cases extend to the workplace as well, where commercial tank explosions sometimes involving pipelines, chemicals, and other highly flammable substances. Culpable parties may include equipment manufacturers, landlords, employers, or even utility companies, which must maintain proper gas lines.

If you or a loved one has been harmed in a tank explosion, the NJ Burn Accident Legal Team at Gill & Chamas is prepared to bring your case to court. These types of injuries can disrupt a life in mere moments, requiring resources for prolonged periods of pain and recovery, disability, or loss of life.

What to Do in a Tank Explosion in New Jersey

Tank explosions are difficult to prepare for, although they could often have been prevented with due diligence. If you are involved in a tank explosion:

Choose Experienced Counsel for Tank Explosion Burn Victims

Tank explosions run the gamut, from backyard grill explosions to explosive propane or chemicals. The results can be horrific, merging chemical and fire burns and leading to unspeakable pain and suffering. For more than 30 years, Gill & Chamas’ team of NJ Burn Accident Lawyers has fought hard for tank explosion and other burn victims, recognizing that extreme pain, suffering, and death should be compensated. We are proud of our track record, attained through close observation of the facts and a sure hand with the law.

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