Slip and Fall

Did Negligence Trip You Up?

Slipping, tripping, and falling are part of life’s ups and downs. But if you’ve taken a spill due to someone else’s negligence—and it has resulted in a serious injury or disability—you may be able to take action. Building and property owners who don’t maintain proper safety standards should be held responsible for their neglect.

Gill & Chamas Awards for Slip and Fall Accidents in NJ:

Don’t Let Embarrassment Trip You Up

Along with the physical pain, a bruised ego often follows a fall. Embarrassed, many of us would prefer to leave the scene and hope that nobody witnessed our “clumsiness.” But it’s important to stay put and take a closer look around: Is the sidewalk uneven or cracked? Does the stairwell have a loose railing? Is the surface slick or slippery?

If you notice anything that’s damaged or out of place, it’s conceivable you may not be responsible for your fall—and that negligence could have had a hand in it.

At Gill & Chamas, we represent clients who have suffered serious injuries—such as severe damage to the back and neck, broken bones, head trauma, and even death—in a fall caused by property neglect. We will file a premises-liability claim on your behalf.

Meticulous Investigation

When it comes to investigating your slip-and-fall claim in New Jersey, we focus on the minute details, inspecting the site and interviewing any witnesses that may have been present. We’ll research how long the hazard has existed and if anyone else was injured. If the property owner or manager was aware of the danger yet took no corrective action, we will work to hold the person or company accountable through a personal injury claim.

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