Public Transportation Accidents

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Public transportation is a trusted resource in our daily lives. We trust the drivers to be certified, attentive, and skilled at what they do. We trust the vehicles and equipment to function properly and be used as intended. And we trust the safety of all to be the central focus of every public transportation vehicle in operation. When this is not the case, an accident or problem is usually not far behind.

Since so many New Jersey residents utilize public transportation, it’s very easy for an accident to occur when passengers or transportation workers do not follow or obey directions.

A Few of Our Public Transportation Accident Recoveries

No Waiting In Line

When public transportation accidents happen in New Jersey, those affected need to act fast and seek proper NJ legal counsel. By their nature, these types of cases can quickly become complex. With major transportation companies being able to immediately consult their own hired legal team, you are instantly at a disadvantage.

We can advocate for you and properly execute your legal needs while you recover. We are prepared to make efficient moves toward building your case.

NJ Transit Train & Bus Accidents

As an experienced legal team with a strong case record, Gill & Chamas has the attorneys with the experience of handling public transportation accidents. Specifically, the firm has decisions against New Jersey Transit for train and bus accidents. If you have been injured in a train accident, please call us today to speak to a train accident lawyer. If you have been injured in a bus accident, please call us today to speak to a bus accident attorney.

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Experienced on Public Transportation Accidents

An often traumatic and very unexpected misfortune, public transportation accidents do happen frequently. It is your job to be proactive in the event such a misfortune affects your livelihood. Recognize the advantage that having an experienced attorney in legal matters concerning public transportation accidents throughout the state of New Jersey will have on the outcome of your case.

If you or a family member has suffered a serious personal injury, make sure you get the representation you deserve. Call our office today at 732.324.7600, or click here to contact a Public Transportation Accident Lawyer immediately.