Recreational Accidents

When a Walk in the Park Turns Tragic

We all need time away from work and relief from life’s daily grind. So when we venture to the water slide, hop on a sailboat, or hit the amusement park, we expect to relax and have fun. But when an enjoyable outing turns tragic due to inattentive employees or unsafe property conditions, we must hold those parties accountable for accidents.

A Thorough Investigation

If your day of fun ended in pain and suffering, we will aggressively represent you. After our initial meeting, we’ll visit the scene of the accident to establish exactly what happened and pinpoint potential causes. Then we’ll determine how the accident and injuries have altered your life. Employing a network of qualified experts, we’ll build a solid recreational-accident claim based on facts and evidence.

The Compensation You Deserve

Park owners are in the business of making people happy. But when they do not maintain their properties or fail to follow strict safety protocol, and someone like you suffers, they must be held responsible so that others don’t become victims, too.

Whether the case is mediated or litigated, we want you to get the compensation you deserve, and we will put all our knowledge and resources behind you to make that happen.

Gill & Chamas Awards for Recreational Accidents in NJ:

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