Does your weight loss surgery put you at risk when you become pregnant?April 3, 2017

There are various forms of weight loss surgery. However, one in particular raises a substantial risk for a complication when a woman presents for routine pregnancy.

A gastric bypass can be performed open (laparotomy) and minimally invasive, in a laparoscopic procedure. In the past, almost 70% of woman undergoing a gastric bypass were of child bearing age. Today, those very women are presenting to the hospital for pregnancy, only to learn their prior weight loss surgery raises a substantial risk of developing a complication.

Women who have undergone bariatric surgery are now at risk for developing a bowel obstruction in the area of the abdomen where weight loss surgery was performed. This is a potentially devastating complication because the obstetrician is either unaware of a prior weight loss procedure, or is not competent in knowing the risk presented to a woman who had a gastric bypass procedure. In either event the result could be devastating for the mother and child.

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