Jet Port Hangar Collapse Nets $5.3 MillionDecember 6, 2018

Ray GillA 36 year-old male plaintiff recovered $5,300,000 due to a jet port hangar under construction at Morristown Municipal Airport that collapsed. The jet port was under the construction management of the Airport Road construction management company. Federal OSHA investigators determined the cause of the collapse was a result of improper bracing by the plaintiff’s employer.

As a result of the collapse, the plaintiff suffered multiple rib fractures, multiple pelvic fractures, right left compartment syndrome, and a right leg popliteal artery injury requiring transplantation. He also underwent multiple surgeries to correct multiple comminuted fractures of his pelvis and right leg. According to his attorney, Raymond Gill of Gill & Chamas in Woodbridge, NJ, the plaintiff has been out of work since the date of the collapse. He also claimed to be unemployable for the balance of his work life career as a result of those orthopedic injuries.


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