$2.35 Million for Forklift InjuryOctober 19, 2016

Forklift Accident LawyerForklift Injury: A man struck by a forklift while doing business at a landscaping supply yard received a $2.35 Million settlement from his Monmouth County suit. The plaintiff was at a landscaping supply yard to return unused stone pavers and purchase products for other jobs, according to the plaintiff’s lawyer, Raymond Gill Jr. of Gill and Chamas in Woodbridge.

The accident occurred when the plaintiff, who was standing between aisles, was speaking with the yard supervisor. An employee driving a forklift backed out of an aisle and struck the plaintiff knocking him to the ground, Gill said.

The 9,000 pound forklift, loaded with 3,000 pounds of stone pavers, ran over the plaintiff’s leg, up to his lower back. The forklift operator alerted to the accident, shifted the forklift into drive and backed over the plaintiff’s leg a second time. The suit claimed he sustained damage to his saphenous nerve (the largest nerve in the leg) as well as a ruptured disk at the lumbar level, requiring a two level fusion. He also sustained a concussion.

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