Da Vinci System RecallsNovember 14, 2018

Da Vinci System Recalls: In recent years, surgical robots have been presented as one of the greatest advances in medicine, but as the 2013 da Vinci Surgical System recalls have shown, problems lurk behind the promise. In fact, a report submitted to the FDA reviewed all reported problems since 2000, concluding that the system is linked to an upward trend in deaths and injuries – a claim the manufacturer, Intuitive Surgical, denies.

Nevertheless, the company issued a recall in November of 2013, admitting that the device could stall in surgery, and advising that all systems be inspected. If you or a loved one has been put in harm’s way during a da Vinci surgery, now is the time to fight back. The eyes of the FDA are firmly on these devices, and a growing number of cases argue that needless injury may result during these robotically led surgical procedures. The NJ Robotic Surgery Malpractice Attorneys at Gill & Chamas take time to collect the facts, and will help you articulate your case against those who may be liable.

Problems that arise from these Da Vinci System surgeries are:

  • Surgical burns
  • Internal tears and uncontrolled bleeding
  • Punctures to organs, tissues, or intestines
  • Wrongful death

The medical malpractice attorneys at Gill and Chamas have a proven track record getting their clients the recoveries they deserve. One of the firm’s medical malpractice settlements includes a $6.25 million settlement for a woman who sustained multiple internal injuries due to robotic surgery complications. Robert Adinolfi & Peter Chamas of Gill & Chamas, LLC in Woodbridge, NJ represented the plaintiff.

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