Amazon Lawsuit: Wrongful TerminationDecember 13, 2019

Amazon is a company that has changed the retail and logistical blueprints of this country. Almost everyone has ordered something from Amazon or has received an item that has come from Amazon in some way, shape, or form. What most people do not know is the story behind those packages left at their doorstep. According to Amazon employs roughly 566,000 people. This is more than Google and eBay. Unfortunately, with this many employees, labor and employment disputes are inevitable.

According to NJTV News, in a complaint filed in Superior Court last month, a Parlin resident alleged he was wrongly fired from his job at an Amazon distribution center last summer when he failed a random drug test, even though he has a medical marijuana card and that the drug had been prescribed for him to treat his anxiety disorder. He’s looking for reinstatement, back pay and punitive damages.

Recently there has been a clash between companies who have a zero-tolerance drug policy like Amazon, and the states recognition of marijuana as a legitimate medical remedy for a host of maladies. At the forefront of these issues is Walter Danna Venneman, Esq of Gill and Chamas in Woodbridge New Jersey. Mr. Venneman is a senior trial attorney at the firm and prides himself on representing people who have been wrongfully terminated and discriminated against in the workplace.

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