Motorcycle Accident AttorneysOctober 29, 2018

Motorcycle Accident Attorneys: The attorneys at Gill and Chamas have been representing injured motorcycle accident victims for over 20 years. Our results speak for themselves. Our attorneys have handled all types of motorcycle accidents with a wide range of injuries. Our team hires the best experts in their fields to get the best possible outcomes for our clients. We spare no expense when it comes to building the strongest case possible. Some of our top motorcycle recoveries include:

$4,500,000 – An electrical engineer was fatally hit in Hillsborough while making a turn on his motorcycle.

$4,275,000 – Two motorcyclists were injured in a collision caused by an unlocked horse paddock, which allowed a horse to cause a motorcycle accident.

$4,000,000 – Motorcycle accident resulting in orthopedic, neurologic, and urologic injuries.

$1,300,000 – Ocean County Motorcycle accident. A motorcyclist collided with an oncoming car in Colts Neck, NJ and suffered spine and ankle fractures.

$1,100,000 – A man suffered head and pelvic injuries when his motorcycle collided with a car.

$1,000,000 – A woman was involved in a motorcycle accident while riding in Middlesex County when she collided with a pickup truck being backed out of a driveway.

$875,000 – Motorcycle injuries. 

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 The NJ Motorcycle Accident Lawyers at Gill & Chamas have represented riders in a variety of driver-negligence cases, and are prepared to put that experience to work. A motorcycle crash can cause long-standing consequences for its victims, from lost wages and unnecessary suffering to fast-mounting medical costs. We pride ourselves on the passion of our entire team, and we make it our goal to help you recover with seasoned representation in court.

If you or someone you know has been involved in a motorcycle accident due to someone else’s negligence contact the motorcycle accident attorneys at Gill and Chamas (732) 324-7600.



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