Workplace SafetyFebruary 12, 2018

Your boss has no concern for your rights

There are a few rights you are absolutely guaranteed to have in the workplace. The right to a workplace free of harassment and bullying. The right to fair pay that meets the parameters set out in the employment contract. The right to a safe working environment. If the employer fails in any of these, it could be the sign of a workplace that doesn’t treat its employees with due respect. But before or instead of quitting, hold them accountable. This list of cases at shows the everyday reality that employees can win legal action against employers that fail to protect their rights. Beyond helping you pay the damages that breaching these rights can cause, it can make those who run the business take a much closer look at the issues and how to stop them from manifesting in future. What’s more, if you like your job and you want to stay, you are legally protected against retaliation for any legal action.


When It’s Time To Quit And When It’s Time To Act

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