NJ Turnpike Crash Settles for $700,000February 24, 2017

Ray GillNJ Turnpike Crash: A man driving his Ford pickup truck on the NJ Turnpike suffered back injuries when he was struck from behind by a Mack truck. He agreed to settle his Middlesex County lawsuit with his auto accident attorney, Raymond Gill of Gill & Chamas, LLC in Woodbridge, NJ for $700,000. The crash occurred as the plaintiff was driving north on Exit 11.

The driver of the Mack truck conceded responsibility for the crash at the scene, according to the auto accident lawyer, Gill. He changed lanes from right to the left and did not see the plaintiff’s vehicle in the left lane. Over the course of the following few weeks after the accident, the plaintiff experienced the onset of cervical spine pain and stiffness.┬áThe┬ácervical spine (neck) houses the spinal cord that sends messages from the brain to control all aspects of the body.

The plaintiff had to undergo several tests including an MRI that revealed multiple disc herniations. After months of physical therapy and pain management, he required a surgical procedure. He underwent an anterior discectomy and fusion with bone grafting. Most recently, he has been diagnosed with disc abnormalities and requires physical therapy.

The parties were able to reach a settlement agreement one month prior to trial.

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