Fuel Tank Explosion AttorneysJune 8, 2018

Fuel Tank Explosion Attorneys: It is not uncommon to see fuel tanks in automobiles, buildings and structures as a source of energy. Maintaining these fuel tanks are essential for everyone’s safety. There are many people who live and work within close proximity to these fuel tanks. Therefore, if an explosion were to occur the results could be catastrophic. People who are involved in the construction and maintenance industries are specifically vulnerable should a fuel tank become damaged. Moreover, the fuel that is held in these tanks can be extremely flammable and toxic. These substances can cause serious personal injury or property damage if not used or maintained correctly. When a fuel tank explosion occurs it is vital to have the right legal team of attorneys on your side.

Being involved in a fuel tank explosion can easily alter the course of a person’s life. If you or a loved one have been injured in a fuel tank explosion, you need to seek immediate legal representation. The causes and liabilities can quickly become complex in these types of situations. Having a trusted legal professional to help you navigate through this life-changing event is vital.

Here at Gill and Chamas our team of legal experts will review all the details involved in the accident. From there we will hire the proper personnel to investigate the scene and help review all the different aspects involved in the case.

In the past our firm has been successful in fuel tank explosion cases. Raymond Gill Jr. recovered $5 million for a man who died as a result of third-degree and second-degree burns when an explosion occurred at a chemical plant. Third-degree burns are full thickness burns that go through the lowest layer of skin and affect deeper tissues. Second-degree burns are partial thickness burns and affect the epidermis and lower layer of the skin. To read more about the firms recoveries for explosion victims please visit:


If you or a loved one has been involved in an explosion accident contact the explosion accident attorneys’ at Gill and Chamas today for a free consultation (732) 324-7600.




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