Construction Site AccidentsJune 3, 2019

Construction Site Accidents: According to reports by OSHA and BLS, there were 4,379 workers in the private sector who lost their lives while on the job in 2015. Out of these, 937 – more than one in five – were in the construction industry.

Unfortunately, these are only the worst of the construction site accidents. Thousands more construction workers suffer nonfatal injuries in site accidents every year. BLS estimates that this number could be as high as 150,000 per year, or approximately one in ten construction site workers in the U.S.


  1. Falls took the lives of 364 workers, or 38.8% of those who died on a construction site;
  2. 90 more were killed when they were struck by an object, amounting to 9.6% of the construction site fatalities;
  3. Electrocutions caused another 81 fatalities, or 8.6% of those on the construction site; and
  4. 67 construction site workers were killed when they were caught in or between heavy machinery, amounting to an additional 7.2% of the construction fatalities.

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At Gill and Chamas our firm understands just how devastating these injuries can be. Our team of attorneys have handled dozens of complex work place injuries including many of the accident types referenced above. The firm has handled cases involving falls from elevation, falling objections, accidents involving heavy machinery as well as fall downs and other complex injuries that can occur on a construction and or worksite. Some of the firm’s results includes:

  •  Wrongful Death Suit Over Worker’s Fatal Accident Settles for $18.85 Million
  • $7.5 Million Jury-Awarded Verdict for Construction Site Fall in Middlesex County
  • Construction Worker Killed by a Falling Pallet of Cinder Blocks Settles for $7 Million
  • $5 Million for a man repairing a forklift at a construction site when he was hit by another forklift that was in operation.

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