$2 Million for Medical Malpractice in Somerset CountyAugust 27, 2018

$2 Million for Medical Malpractice in Somerset County: A Bridgewater woman whose physician allegedly failed to diagnose a benign brain tumor received $2 million to settle her Somerset County NJ medical malpractice suit. The plaintiff, now 49, claimed that her physician failed to diagnose a congenital brain tumor when she had a CT scan taken of her head in September 2012. Eight months later, the tumor was discovered when it had grown larger and caused a loss of eyesight, said her medical malpractice lawyer, Robert Adinolfi of Gill & Chamas in Woodbridge and Howell, NJ.

The plaintiff, formerly a nurse, had the CT scan after injuring her head at work, and the tumor was clearly visible in the middle of her brain, though the doctor said at a deposition that she did not recall whether she saw the tumor, according to Adinolfi. The plaintiff later had surgery to remove the tumor but she lost all vision in her left eye and 70 percent in her right eye, and is unable to work. The suit claimed her loss of eyesight would not have been so severe if the doctor had made a timely diagnosis of the tumor.

Factors that Drive Misdiagnosis

In many ways, computer-aided diagnosis has been a boon to the medical community and those they service. However, successful acquisition of information that can frame a proper diagnosis relies on the union of several important factors:

  • Proper performance of computers and equipment
  • Accurate analysis on the part of physicians
  • Proper treatment plans in the face of potentially life-threatening illness

Unfortunately, the above does not always occur, but it can be difficult for a patient to discern this. When patients trust their physicians and fail to seek a second option, the outcome may be dire.

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