$1.9 Million for Construction Site Foot InjuryNovember 2, 2016

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A truck driver who suffered a debilitating foot injury at a Freehold construction site accepts $1.9 million in his Monmouth county lawsuit. The plaintiff of Baltimore, then 49 was delivering steel racks to a site in Freehold. As the plaintiff was untying his load, a forklift driver began to move racks from his truck and a rack fell on the plaintiff’s right foot. He suffered fractures, a dislocation in his foot and vascular nerve damage in his right leg, requiring four surgeries. He tried to return to work but nerve damage forced him to stop, says his construction accident attorney, Peter Chamas of Gill and Chamas in Woodbridge. The plaintiff claimed that the general contractor of Freehold failed to properly supervise the site, allowed unloading at dusk and scheduling too many deliveries at one time.

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