Fuel Tank Explosions

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Maintaining energy demands for buildings, vehicles and structures requires the use of fuel tanks. With innocent bystanders often working and living within a close proximity of these fuel tanks, an explosion can easily prove catastrophic. Those involved in the construction and maintenance industries are particularly vulnerable should a fuel tank be defective or become damaged.

Additionally, the fuel types harbored in these tanks are oftentimes highly flammable, toxic substances that can cause serious personal and property damage if mishandled. When a fuel tank explosion occurs, legal representation by all is paramount.

Gill & Chamas Awards for Explosions in NJ:

Chemical Safety Board Reviews Perth Amboy Explosion

Dangers of Flammable Gas Accumulation: Acetylene Explosion at ASCO, Perth Amboy, NJ. James Pagliuca of Gill & Chamas led the plaintiff’s team in the suit that settled for $11.7 Million.

Quick Action and Resourcefulness

Being involved in a fuel tank explosion can easily alter the course of a person’s life. If you or a loved one have been injured in a fuel tank explosion, you need to seek immediate legal representation. The causes and liabilities can quickly become complex in these types of situations. Having a trusted legal professional to help you navigate through this life-changing event is vital.

Our legal team will review the details of the accident, and then enlist the proper personnel to investigate the scene and help review all aspects of your case.

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We recognize the importance of having enough time, for a full picture of the event to be created as well as for you to receive the proper care needed. Our experienced team will work tirelessly to ensure a comprehensive case is constructed on your behalf while you rest and recover.

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Combining decades of legal experience with an applied knowledge of New Jersey law, our legal team can offer you unparalleled service. Regardless of if your case reaches a settlement or requires being argued in court, we will pursue your case to the highest standard of legal practice.

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