Wrongful Death from Robotic Surgery Malpractice

NJ Robotic Surgery Malpractice Attorneys

From 2009 through 2012, 70 U.S. patients lost their lives as a direct result of robotic surgeries. This statistic is alarming – and every indicator points to increased cases of injury and fatality as this approach to surgery is popularized. In some cases, equipment malfunction may be to blame, as seen in 2013 headlines regarding problems with the popular da Vinci surgical robot. Lack of experience among robotic surgeons may also result in fatal errors, and with more and more hospitals investing in computer-assisted surgical technology, the learning curve can be steep.

The loss of a loved one as the result of a procedure designed to make them better is devastating, and it can be hard to pick up the pieces. The NJ Robotic Surgery Malpractice Lawyers at Gill & Chamas make it a point to help families stand up to deep-pocketed hospitals, surgeons, and equipment manufacturers and their aggressive legal teams. We know the law, we track precedent, and we pay undivided attention to the facts of your case to best prepare a strategy for court.

Robotic Surgery Fatalities: An Underreported Risk

It is required by the FDA that any fatal accidents or mishaps related to robosurgery be reported within 30 days. This doesn’t always happen, as seen in a Johns Hopkins study published in The Journal for Healthcare Quality pointed to numerous reporting lapses in fatal and botched surgery cases. This can obscure risks related to robotic surgery. As such, it is important that families stand up to the hospitals and equipment manufacturers. Not only will it protect your rights; it will help draw attention to issues within the industry and could potentially help others.

An Experienced Legal Team by Your Side

If you have lost a loved one, you deserve all of the help you can get to plan for life in the face of tragedy. The NJ Robotic Surgery Malpractice Attorneys have the experience and commitment to bring your case to court and fight for resources to help you move forward. Our 30-year track record is just one of our assets, and we are prepared to use our deep legal experience on your behalf.

Request a free consultation and let our team review the specifics of your robotic surgery malpractice case. The loss of a loved one is devastating, and we are prepared to advocate on your behalf.