Robotic Medical Device Failure

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During surgery, trust is paramount – and robotic medical device failure is a worst-case scenario. Sadly, it happens, and a recent recall of the popular da Vinci Surgical System involved just that: a robotic medical device that may become inoperative during surgery. Non-surgical medical robotics also face scrutiny, including cardiac defibrillators recalled late in 2013 for risk of failure during a cardiac event. The recall involved thousands of devices in daily use that were designed to safeguard a patient’s health.

With thousands of malfunctions reported in the da Vinci system alone, numerous patients are struggling with the consequences of robotic medical device malfunction. The NJ Medical Malpractice Attorneys at Gill & Chamas have been defending the rights of those affected in accidents since 1995, combining drive, compassion, and an eagle-eyed respect for the facts to help clients attain legal compensation for their pain and suffering. From medical manufacturer liability to failure on the part of hospitals and surgeons to ensure safe operation of their equipment, you may have the right to collect damages.

A Growing Roster of Robotic Medical Devices

Intuitive Surgical, maker of the da Vinci robot, is not the only robotic medical device manufacturer. More and more companies are entering the market, which means the potential for problems may grow in the future. Some of the robotic medical devices in use or development include:

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Defend Your Rights after Robotic Medical Device Malfunction in NJ

As we put our health in the hands of robotic medical devices and the medical professionals who recommend them, patients must advocate for their rights. Information about risks is sometimes lacking, which can frame a strong legal case when device failure causes harm or death. From cases involving product liability to human error, a skilled NJ Robotic Medical Malpractice Attorney can help. Since 1995, Gill & Chamas has been a go-to resource for accident victims and their families, and we can help you argue for compensation from those whose failures have caused harm.

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