Computer-Aided Diagnosis Negligence

NJ Medical Malpractice Attorneys

As in other areas of modern life, medical professionals place a lot of stock in technology, including devices designed to improve diagnosis of serious conditions including cancer. These diagnostic systems are growing increasingly precise; however, the decision on how to approach care still relies on the judgment of your physician. They have a duty to present you with complete information which can be used to best identify the next steps in care.

If you received a computer-assisted misdiagnosis and are suffering as a result, the NJ Medical Malpractice Attorneys at Gill & Chamas can help. Failure to properly diagnose problems can have serious consequences – especially in cases of breast and other kinds of fast-moving cancer, where lost time can impact one’s chances for survival. In cases like these, you and your family may be entitled to legal compensation for the pain and suffering that can result.

Factors that Drive Misdiagnosis

In many ways, computer-aided diagnosis has been a boon to the medical community and those they service. However, successful acquisition of information that can frame a proper diagnosis relies on the union of several important factors:

Unfortunately, the above does not always occur, but it can be difficult for a patient to discern this. When patients trust their physicians and fail to seek a second option, the outcome may be dire.

Fighting for Patients’ Rights in Court

Passionate about our clients, we have been providing aggressive legal counsel since 1995, and are prepared to help you seek damages for dangerous errors in medical judgment. When let down by those in whom you entrusted your care, legal compensation can play at least a small role in helping your family plan for what may be a difficult road forward. Sensitive yet decisive in court, our NJ Medical Malpractice Lawyers have deep experience and a 30-year track record of total dedication to our clients.

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