Scaffold Accidents

Construction Accident Attorneys for Scaffold Accidents

Scaffold accidents are a common construction-industry injury, and both manufacturer error and safety violations often play a role. In fact, according to OSHA, scaffold violations rounded out the top three company safety infractions in 2012. From danger when scaffolding is erected improperly to risks introduced during transport, common employer infractions mean that injured construction workers may have a strong case when it comes to seeking monetary compensation for injuries sustained on the job.

What to Do After a Scaffold Injury in NJ

It is essential to protect your rights after a workplace injury, even as you begin to recover. If you have sustained a scaffold injury on the job, take the following steps immediately:

Scaffolding Safety

Seasoned New Jersey Construction Accident Lawyers

From lost wages to pain, construction accidents can have serious aftereffects, and injured construction workers may be entitled to monetary support beyond Worker’s Compensation – especially in cases of partial or permanent disability. Gill and Chamas has a deep roster of New Jersey Construction Accident Lawyers and we invest in your case – from understanding the letter of the law to employing scaffolding engineers to document employer infractions, with no out-of-pocket investment required.

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