Loading/Unloading Accidents

Construction Accident Attorneys for Loading and Unloading Accidents

Throughout the day, construction workers face numerous hazards, loading and unloading accidents among them. It is the responsibility of site owners, employers and manufacturers to enact safety provisions to prevent injury, but unfortunately this is not always the case. Cut corners and improperly maintained equipment can introduce risk – and when injury occurs you are within your rights to retain the services of an experienced New Jersey Construction Accident Lawyer and seek monetary compensation to account for medical bills, lost income, and disability.

What to Do after a Loading or Unloading Accident in NJ

From the dock to the ramp, injuries can be sustained throughout the loading and unloading process. If you have suffered an injury at a worksite:

Protecting Your Rights in Construction Accident Cases

Construction accident injuries can involve prolonged recovery times, and you are entitled to seek monetary compensation if employer negligence was the cause. At Gill & Chamas, we hire experienced engineers and analysts to investigate and document possible worksite safety infractions, investing in each case to ensure the right outcome for our clients. Standing by your side in court and arguing your case with hard facts, including visual models, we take pride in uncovering the truth.

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