Heavy Equipment/Truck Accident

Construction Accident Attorneys for Heavy Equipment and Truck Accidents

The tools of the trade in construction can be dangerous, and workers rely on employers to be fastidious about safety. Unfortunately, employer or manufacturer negligence can occur, especially when it comes to heavy machinery and truck accidents. In fact, machinery infractions are listed among the top 10 violations by OSHA for 2012. If you have sustained personal injury as a result of unsafe heavy equipment or a truck accident, a NJ Construction Accident Attorney can help make the case for a monetary award.

What to Do After a Heavy Equipment or Truck Accident

Hazardous equipment like cranes and dump trucks is designed with numerous safety features and protocols to keep employees safe. If these systems have failed, and injury has resulted on a NJ job site:

Strong Legal Counsel for Heavy Equipment Accident Cases in NJ

Truck accidents and heavy equipment injuries can be severe, potentially entitling you to monetary compensation to cover medical costs, lost wages, and disability. The team of Construction Accident Attorneys at Gill & Chamas makes results a priority. We invest in our clients and even retain engineers and analysts to assess safety conditions on the job site. Contact us for an experienced partner who can articulate your rights to the court.

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