Construction Materials Injury

NJ Construction Accident Lawyers for Materials Injuries

In construction, the tools of the trade can be hazardous, which is why employees rely on manufacturers and employers to ensure that every safety protocol is covered to a “t”. When that responsibility is not taken seriously and injury occurs, you may be entitled to seek Worker’s Comp and additional monetary compensation to address medical costs, lost wages, and the ongoing effects of partial or total disability.

What to Do After a Construction Material Injury

From power tool accidents to effects of improper respiratory protection, employers, site owners, and equipment manufacturers may be required to take responsibility when workplace injury occurs.

Securing Legal Representation for Workplace Accidents in NJ

Gill & Chamas invests in every client case we take on, with no out-of-pocket investment required. We believe you deserve to exercise your rights when workplace injury occurs, and employ letter of the law to seek the monetary compensation you may be owed. From hiring engineers and construction experts to assess violations to providing sound court representation, our team of seasoned Construction Accident Attorneys makes results our mission from day one.

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