Structural Fires

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Structural Fires and Accidents

Structural fires are most commonly residential, with more than 37,000 annual cases according to the U.S. Fire Administration’s last five years of reporting. These fires account for more than $7.1 billion in damages. Another 86,000 structural fires occur in non-residential structures, resulting in another $2.6 billion in damage. More than 14,500 are injured in these accidents annually, and another 2,600 lose their lives, causing suffering, lost income, and other long-term effects.

In the face of the challenges that result – from unimaginable pain to disability and lives upended – the services of a dedicated NJ Burn Injury Attorney are essential. Gill & Chamas can help. We understand the facts, can articulate liability, and serve as a compassionate team during a difficult time.

What to Do in a Structural Fire

There is a reason we are taught fire prevention and safety protocols from a young age. Fire spreads quickly, and can have devastating effects to person and property. If you are in a fire situation:

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Protecting Your Rights after a Structural Fire in NJ

Sometimes building owners fail to maintain adequate fire safety measures. Something simple, like a sprinkler failure, can also increase the chances of fatalities. If you are struggling in the face of burn injury or death from a structural fire, contact us before calling your insurance company. Since 1995, Gill & Chamas has been helping burn victims argue their cases successfully, seeking and receiving damages to help them begin again.

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