Furnace Explosion

NJ Burn Injury Attorneys

Furnace explosions usually make the nightly news, pairing high pressure and high heat to produce potentially devastating outcomes to life and property. Difficult to prepare for, prevention centers on proper furnace maintenance, but human error, faulty equipment, and improper heat and pressure regulation can combine to cause a worst case scenario. The injuries suffered in these kinds of explosion can be gruesome, with loss of life or permanent disability among them.

Fire and smoke injuries top the list after a furnace explosion, and the effects can be devastating. Whether you suffered an explosion burn at home or at work, we urge you to contact the experienced NJ Burn Injury Lawyers at Gill & Chamas to fight for the legal compensation you deserve. Third parties, including building owners and utility companies, may be required to compensate you for your losses.

What to Do in a Furnace Explosion in New Jersey

Furnace explosions are best prevented through proper maintenance. If you or a loved one is facing an explosion:

Choose Experienced NJ Burn Accident Legal Counsel

Before contacting your insurance company, let a team of experienced NJ Burn Accident Lawyers review the full details of your furnace explosion case. We know that this is a difficult experience, and will take time to ensure that you fully understand your rights. Merging compassion, a love for the law, and more than 30 years driving successful settlements, Gill & Chamas is your trusted team in court.

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