Fire at Workplace

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Workplace Fires

It is the responsibility of an employer to maintain safe working conditions, but workplace fires happen – to the tune of more than 200 a day, according to OSHA. While fatalities from fire or explosion only account for about 3% of such cases, pain and suffering in non-fatal cases can be severe, and permanent or partial disability can occur. From fires due to employee error to electrical, structural or chemical workplace fires, any number of scenarios can turn a normal day on the job into a tragedy.

If you have been injured in the workplace, your employer will maintain the best legal counsel they can afford. It is critical to retain a NJ Burn Injury Legal Team and do the same. Gill & Chamas has been fighting for the best client outcomes for more than 30 years, and we are ready to defend your rights.

What to Do in a Workplace Fire in New Jersey

Employee training can mitigate the impact of a workplace fire. Ensure your workplace has proper protocols, and if a fire breaks out:

Fight Fire with Experienced NJ Burn Injury Attorneys

Nearly 150 people lose their lives in workplace fires each year. 5,000 more are burned or injured, sometimes severely. From unthinkable pain to invasive surgeries, life can be upended – and damages are often awarded to help employees and their families cope. The NJ Burn Accident Lawyers at Gill & Chamas have successfully argued these cases for more than three decades, and invite you to discuss your case before contacting your insurance company. We put the facts to your advantage, using the letter of the law to argue for the legal compensation deserved.

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