Electrical Fires

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Electrical Fires

The makings of an electrical fire can linger unseen behind the walls or in electronics, taking victims by surprise when they occur. From equipment overload to improper maintenance or heat shielding, every case is unique, though human error is frequently a factor. This is why building codes and manufacturing standards exist – and failure to properly maintain and inspect can lead to legal obligations when injury and loss occur.

The suffering that arises as a result of electrical fires can be unimaginable, especially when larger structural fires result in fatalities. This is why the NJ Burn Injury Attorneys at Gill & Chamas take every case so seriously. We know how hard it can be to recover, and work tirelessly to prepare an airtight case in your favor – whether you are facing injury, disability, or the loss of a loved one.

What to Do in an Electrical Fire

Similar to other structural fires, it is important to be cautious and call 911 as soon as possible if an electrical fire has broken out.

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Choose Experienced Legal Counsel for Electrical Fire Burns in NJ

If you or a loved one has been injured in an electrical fire, the New Jersey Burn Accident Team at Gill & Chamas urges you to get in touch before contacting your insurance company. Many electrical fires could have been prevented, and you are not alone as you pick up the pieces. Gill & Chamas has a 30-year track record, a passionate team, and experience presenting the facts successfully in court.

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