Chemical Explosion

NJ Burn Injury Attorneys

The effects of chemical explosions can be so severe that there is an independent federal agency, The U.S. Chemical Safety Board, tasked with investigating the causes of industrial chemical accidents. However, chemical explosions can occur anywhere: from high school science labs to homes, where misuse of common household items or pest-control materials can backfire. From environmental effects to human costs – including chemical burn and neurological effects, disability, or even loss of life – it can be difficult to grapple with life after a chemical injury.

In industrial settings, a chemical explosion can kill or injure scores of people at once, resulting in great need for resources to cope. Regardless of the accident’s setting, the NJ Burn Accident Lawyers at Gill & Chamas have the experience and dedication to fight for the legal compensation you deserve.

What to Do in a Chemical Explosion in New Jersey

The range of size in chemical fires is vast, from minor incidents to plant explosions – and they are more common than some may think. If you are involved in a chemical explosion:

Recover from a Chemical Explosion with Trusted Counsel

The suffering associated with chemical burns can be debilitating. Before reaching out to your insurance agency, contact a NJ Burn Accident Attorney with a track record of successful litigation and settlement. Since 1995, Gill & Chamas has stood by burn victims and their families, and we have the resources, legal savvy, and experience to fight for legal damages.

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