Car Accidents Involving Property Damage

NJ Car Accident Attorneys for Property Damage Cases

The effects of an auto collision are not limited to vehicle damage and personal injury. Often, property damage results as well. Property damage claims cover your car and other items affected as a result of an auto accident. These cases can be complicated, requiring smart decisions about insurance, deductibles and other factors. In cases of serious property damage, you may want to elevate your case in court with the assistance of an experienced NJ Car Accident Lawyer.

What to Do When A Car Accident Causes Property Damage

After any accident, your first priority should be to ensure the safety of yourself and any loved ones who are involved. With that handled, these cases often center on documentation:

  • Get yourself and loved ones to a safe location and call 911
  • Work with the officials who arrive on the scene
  • Attempt to document the damage to the extent possible
  • Reach out to a NJ Car Accident Attorney for Guidance

Experienced NJ Auto Accident Attorneys

Before you get your insurance company involved in a property damage claim, consult with a NJ Auto Accident Lawyer to be sure you understand your rights. It is common for a single accident to result in both personal injury and property damage, and we have nearly 30 decades of experience organizing complicated auto accident cases for court. From assessing the value of your property to helping you manage day-to-day during the recovery process, we are committed to getting results.

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